On-Demand business ideas: top 10 services to offer

There are lots of On-Demand Business ideas that could be useful for you. On-Demand Business Model is a revolution in the way of doing business in the current era. With the evolution of business from millions of years ago it started, man has found ways and means to make the most of the customers demand and how supply is given. On-Demand Business Model supplies a platform for the customers and suppliers to meet where the customer is given the power to choose the vendor of its choice to get the service done from. Customer’s demand is made the driving factor for this model to work and the innovative method the platform presented to the customer determines the success of the business.

In the present era, there are a number of companies using the On-Demand Business Model successfully around the globe. However, it is not an easy task to formulate a bulletproof On-Demand Business ideas. Following are the top 10 services where the On-Demand Business Model is implemented on globally and one can formulate an On-Demand Business ideas in relation to the below services.

On-Demand Taxi Services

When discussing the On-Demand Business ideas, UBER is an example taken by almost all writers. This On-Demand Business Model idea has proven the most successful, that there are other startups using the same On-Demand Business Model idea. Other than UBER there is an American company called LYFT using the same approach.

On-Demand Accommodation

Airbnb is the best example of this market. In this market the customer is able to look for accommodation in a specific area inside a given radius and find the most suitable type of accommodation, could be a room, an apartment, a house, a villa, etc. to spend its time in.

On-Demand Food Delivery

This On-Demand Business Model idea makes use of the most prominent feature of the consumer of the present ear, which is wanting everything to its doorstep. The customer selects the desired restaurant and the desired food items from its menu and a rider from the company providing the service will deliver the food to the customer’s doorstep. Deliveroo and Uber Eats are prominent examples in this service area.

On-Demand Convenience Store Delivery Service

This service area for On-Demand Business Model delivers to the customer doorstep convenience store items to its doorstep when the customer places an order via the app. The main business in the US which has implemented this On-Demand Business Model idea is goPuff, a digital convenience delivery service operating over 80 US locations.

On-Demand Fitness

One might wonder how the On-Demand Business Model will work in the fitness market. But ClassPass has formulated a clever On-Demand Business Model ideas where it provides access to a range of fitness classes for a monthly subscription fee. The company receives a discounted rate in exchange for providing increased usage of the fitness classes. This is currently in function over 11 countries worldwide.

On-Demand Courier Service

In this service area, the company picks, packages and ships items of the customers via different courier services. Shyp is a company which used to operate in this market prominently from 2013 to 2018. However, it has now shut down and ceased its operations. This area is a rising market where you can implement an innovative On-Demand Business ideas by learning from the mistakes made by Shyp.

On-Demand Babysitters

A very innovative On-Demand Business Model idea is implemented in this niche by a company based in San-Francisco called UrbanSitter. Using an app, the parents are able to search, book, pay and reviews babysitters and nannies in the area. The sitters also receive recommendations on the platform.

On-Demand Beauty Services

An On-Demand Business Model idea which is implemented in this niche is to provide beauty services to customers at the comfort of their homes by a trained beauty professional. Urban Clap operated in India and Dubai is the main player in the market where the customer is able to book a beauty professional for a service using their app.

On-Demand Home Services

The customers can look for handymen using the app for home services such as cleaning, repairing, installations, etc. Handy is a US-based company that is specialized in this niche. Also, Urban Clap discussed above too provide such services.

On-Demand Learning Services

On-Demand Business Model to step into this field is an interesting innovation.  Companies such as Udemy sell their courses as well as courses designed by other professionals to students. The users are given the chance to create programs and generate profit from it and students can take up a short course for a payment to learn the desired area.

All these On-Demand business ideas could be used in planning to start On-Demand business. It is important to choose the one On-Demand Model idea that is the best for your interest and market demand.

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