How to pick up the right team for your startup?

The startup culture is such these days that they are usually kickstarted with one founder or a few co-founders. When the individual(s) who started the startup decide to expand and build up a team for the startup, that is big step forward for the business. The right team for your startup plays a major role in determining whether or not your startup will be successful. The team you build for your startup has to be compromised with people similar to your personality and/or have better skills than you do. It is very important that the team you pick for your startup has to be a good fit. But how do you determine that the qualities the team for your start up should have? In the list below, we have compiled the 5 main points you have to consider when you screen candidates for your startup.

1. The candidates have great ideas

Look for candidates that think out of the box. When you pick the team for your startup, this is one of the main qualities you should look for the candidates. Give them business scenarios or business problems and ask them for methods in which how they would find solutions. If you are delighted by the answers given or if you are being presented with solutions that you did not think of but will be great to implement, hire them as the team for your startup.

2. The candidates are always eager to learn

It will do you nothing if you hire candidates that are only book smart. Actually, being book smart has to be the least of the qualities you have to look for in a candidate. Instead, look for the candidates who are always eager to learn. Get into a conversation and understand whether the candidate is a type of a person who are eager to learn new things. Because having such people in the team for your startup will determine that if you run into an area without a solution, they will learn new ways to find a solution for the problem.

3. The candidates have excellent soft skills

Candidates with excellent soft skills such as communication skills, teamwork, positive attitude, work ethics, presentation skills, etc. are hard to find. Candidates have to be checked for how they display soft skills when working with a team and working individually. The team you gather for your startup must have excellent teamwork and everyone has to complement each other’s skills and work in unity. If not, the startup operations will not be successful. Therefore, always check for how one displays soft skills when you recruit the team for your startup.

4. The candidates fit the startup culture

People around us come from different social background and cultures. But not everyone is a match for your company. If you recruit people who cannot get on with each other and have a good time or a good laugh during work time and out of work time, they might not be a great fit for the company. When checking this aspect, most of the employers check for the social media profiles of the candidate to make sure that they come from similar cultures and bear similar lifestyles. Recruiting a member who is not a good cultural fit will be a big disadvantage in the team for your startup.

5. The candidates can add value to your business

If you are a good leader, you should be able to read people very well. The reason because, the people you choose as the team for your startup are the ones you think are a good fit and will raise your business higher than it is now. These people you choose based on your instincts have to be the ones who will not tarnish the name of your business, who will not steal or expose your important data to the competitors but will act with respect and poise inside and outside of your organization and gain achievements that will add value to your startup eventually. Therefore, the team for your startup has to be built up with people who will add value to your business.

If you cover the above discussed points in a candidate, you are set to find the perfect employee for the team for your startup. But the reality is far from the above. It is very difficult to find someone who will tick all of the above boxes. Therefore, use your instincts and make up the team for your startup that will have at least most of the above qualities and you are guaranteed for a team that will elevate your business and will drive it towards success.

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