Best Marketing Tips for On-Demand Business Startups

When starting an On-Demand Business, one of the main areas to divert your attention to is the marketing side of the on-demand business you are about to start. If you search the internet for a simple query ‘Best Marketing Tips for On-Demand Startups’, you will be flooded with millions of search results. But in this article, we are talking best of the best marketing tips you have to follow when starting an on-demand business.

One might wonder why can’t I apply the marketing tricks used for a normal business for an on-demand startup? The reason why you can’t do that is because, on-demand startup set up and a typical startup setup is different from one another. In an on-demand startup, you have to manage your customer as well as the supplier equally. Without both these parts, the business wouldn’t survive. The On-demand business setup is made in a way that suppliers post their offerings on your platform and the customers purchase them as per the requirement. So, in a way it is best to think both your customer and supplier as two types of customers in your business. Keeping that in mind let’s take a look at the best marketing tips to follow for an on-demand startup.

1. Know you customer (and supplier)

The first step in formulating the marketing plan is to study your customer. In the case of an on-demand startup, it is both your customer and the supplier. When studying the customer, collect their demographic details such as the gender, age, location, etc. so that you can target the products or services in your platform better.

Best Marketing Tips for On-Demand Business Startups

The next customer is your supplier. You have to do a thorough market research on your suppliers as well when making them a part of your platform. The important things to consider are, the type of products/services offered by the supplier, the prices they charge for them and whether the prices are reasonable, the quality of their products, the customer experience with their products, etc. Once their details are gathered you can come to an informed decision as to whether it is beneficial for your brand to join them as a supplier.

2. Study Your Competition

You may or may not have direct competitors. However, it is important that you study the direct and indirect competitors for your on-demand startup. One of the best marketing tips, but a step missed by a number of startups are that they do not study their competitors. Build up a SWOT analysis for your competitors. Identify their strengths and weaknesses and draw out a plan based on the opportunities and threats you identify from them. Maximize opportunities. Focus on the threats and brainstorm ways to overcome them.

3. Plan Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social Media has become so important in the present age to a limit you cannot survive a business without having social media presence. Once you have identified your customer, research as to in which social media sites they are most active in. Identify such sites and start maintaining your presence in those sites. It’s not only enough to start a social media page and abandon it. Make sure you continuously maintain these pages and update your customers of the latest news of your services or products. This is one of the best marketing tips for startups to follow in any type of business they are in. Social Media has become important to an unimaginable extent for marketing.

Best Marketing Tips- social media campaigns

4. Market Your Startup Before the Actual Launch

Starting the marketing campaign before the official launch is a clever practice followed by a number of startups. This is a very beneficial marketing tip for startups as it will create a curiosity among the customer. When the business is finally launched, the customer knows finally what the reveal was they were waiting for.

5. Marketing is a Repeating Process

Marketing of your on-demand business does not stop when you launch your platform or when the sales have reached a satisfactory level. Because the sales will fluctuate and can easily come down and when it does, you have to reimagine your marketing campaign over again, which would be costly. Never stop your marketing at any point. Always come up with innovative methods to market your business to the customers and experiment with new marketing methods. Stick to the methods that work the best and assess why the other methods failed.

6. After Sales Marketing

It is always easy to retain customers than to acquire new customers. Marketing is not only attracting new sales but also to retain the existing customers. Make sure the product or the service you offered through your platform are at the expected standard of the customer. If not, make amends to provide them with a better service and improve the future.

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