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What is B2C

There are lots of differences between B2B and B2C models. It also has different solutions for marketing strategies. B2C which is short for Business to Consumer means the direct sale of services or products from a business to the customer who are the end users to consume the product. Most companies you see use the B2C model. Supermarkets to your local grocery store are great examples of the B2C around you. For a long time B2C was only practiced as a traditional method where the good or services were provided physically from physical stored. However, with the introduction of the internet and the rise of e-commerce sites, more and more consumers are ditching physical stores for online virtual stores, where goods or services will be delivered to their door steps in the matter of days. Compared to the B2B model, B2C transactions are more impulsive and instantaneous.

Therefore with the traditional B2C methods currently in decline, there are more and more opportunity in the online B2C space for sellers to use innovative methods to sell their products to the customers. B2C marketing methods used in traditional market spaces have to be adapted to online market spaces to better reach the customers and see their products.

B2C Marketing Methods

Marketing for B2C is very important due to the number of businesses providing the same service or product is more compare to B2B. It is important that your product stand out of the rest of the competitors, which has to be achieved using effective marketing methods. Following are a few important B2C marketing strategies identified to better sell your products and services.

1. Make Sure Your Content Captures the Audience.

According to a recent study conducted by The Content Marketing Institute, it highlighted how important the content plays a role when formulating a strategy for B2C Marketing. The top priorities to consider when creating content for B2C marketing strategy are as follows.

  • Create more engaging content
  • Better understanding of what content is effective and what isn’t
  • Create visual content
  • Find better ways to repurpose content
  • Content optimization

2. Introduce Offers with Purchases

A great way to capture the audience is to introduce offers with their purchases. A free gift with the customer purchase adds more value to the products being sold. However, be mindful of what product you are pairing with the offer. Make sure that the product is linked to the main purchase. It could be a mini item related to the product or something that goes in the same line of the products. If the customer is not interested in the offer provided, the marketing may not be very successful. For example, if you are selling lipsticks which cost a certain amount, the offer could be to receive a lip balm or a different beauty product of a lesser value, which will complement the lipstick you are selling. This can be identified one of the very effective B2C marketing strategies.

3. Use Social Media to Create Awareness

Social Media is a tool that has to be used by almost any type of business to create awareness of their products or services. Social Medial has become a tool so powerful that most of the businesses cannot think of an existence without social media. Many B2C business have achieved immense success by conducting successful social media campaigns. Therefore, it is important that any B2C organization formulates an effective Social Media marketing campaign to create awareness of their brand. This will not only create awareness, but from the awareness created, it will bring in more customers to their business as well.

4. Establish Exceptional Customer Service

To strengthen pre-sales or marketing it is also important the post-sales are strengthened. The main method of strengthening post sales is to establish an exceptional customer service. The reason why this is important for B2C marketing is because, when a customer purchases a product and if it does not receive a proper after sales service, it will effect potential clients from purchasing your products. The marketing team can make use of positive track records and recommendations of the customer service to market the products to the potential customers.

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