How Colors Affect Your Website?

Humans react to different colors in different ways. Some colors will create a sense of joy for some while some colors will create an opposite reaction. In website design, it is important that it is thoroughly thought how colors affect your website and apply the suitable colors only. Color psychology or the science of how colors affecting human behavior triggers a reaction on human brain by looking at colors what type of a reaction should be taken. Therefore, colors in different settings affects the perception in the customer’s brain and the actions he should take,

When designing a website and deciding how colors affect your website and how to choose colors for your site, firstly, decide on your target audience that will be using your website primarily and what type of product or service you will be offering from your website. Then, research on what colors are used to attract these target audience. Also you need to find out what type of colors can be used to elevate the type of service/ product offering for your customers.

Different colors for different purposes

For example, men and women react differently to different colors. Studies show that positive reactions are perceived in women’s brain for blue, purple and green while men mostly enjoy blue, green and black. Also, it is important that colors are decided appropriately when designing the website’s logo, content background, headers, footers, etc.

Let’s take a look at how different colors affect your website and what types of emotions are triggered by the use of these colors in your website design.

Blue: To build the user’s trust

How Colors Affect Your Website? Blue

Blue is found out to be a color that provides a positive vibe to most of the users. While the lighter shades of blue promote calmness, safety and openness the darker shades promote reliability. While the world’s biggest social media network; Facebook uses blue on their landing page and most of its user area, websites like PayPal too uses blue in their website in the aim of promoting trust and loyalty. While blue may work in certain industries and their websites, research shows that is not advisable to use blue in restaurant and café websites as it is found successful in diet related websites.

Green: To promote growth, stability and to show relation to nature

 Green color affect

Green has a relaxing effect compared to other colors and can promote energy as well. This color is used mainly in outdoor, eco-friendly and environment related websites. Green can also be used in websites which work in the financial industry as money is related to green.

Black: Promotes luxury, power and sophistication

How Colors Affect Your Website? Black

In most of the websites these days use of black as they theme color is very popular. Specially in fashion related websites. Research shows that using black in website design promotes a sense of luxury to the user. Black is used in the design of e-commerce sites which sell high-end and sophisticated products. For example, websites which sell high end fashion brands, electronics, jewelry and other expensive products use black as their main color in its website design.

Yellow: To promote happiness, enthusiasm as well as warnings

How Colors Affect Your Website? Yellow

Yellow is a color which can change the mood of its website design based on the shade used in the website. While bright yellow is often used in websites to promote happiness, joy and enthusiasm, a slight dense shade of yellow promotes warning, caution and some array of negative feelings. Therefore, it is important to make sure the proper shade of yellow is used in your website. Images of dense yellow can be used to promote caution if necessary.

White: To promote cleanliness, freedom and simplicity

How Colors Affect Your Website? White

While a lot of people argue whether white is color in the website design space, it sure gives a lot of positive perceptions to a website. White is greatly used in website design as a background color. However, when used in the theme for a website, it promotes simplicity of the brand and other features such as cleanliness and freedom. White draws the least attention to its color and therefore can be used to highlight the content of the site such as text and images.

Internet is made up of an array of all sorts of colors and when these colors are used properly, your website and produce sales and conversions. Different colors can be used in different areas to convey different types of messages. Therefore, it is important that you know what colors to use in the different areas in your website design. Do it properly and your website will have a bright future ahead.

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