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Vertically aligned marketplaces need a smooth On boarding process for both suppliers and the customers. Authentication, Background checks, contact information aspects are taken care of in this module.

- Splash Screen
- Registration
- Personal Details
- Verification
Service provider

Service listing


Service listings shown in a comprehensive and standardized manner which helps streamline the user experience. Subcategories associated with each service reinforces in the mind of the consumer that what you see is what you get.

- Service
- Sub service



The core functionality of an On Demand Application is the ability to schedule a service instantly at their designated location. There may be cases where the economics of Scheduled Services may be more viable viz a viz the instant counterpart.

 - Location
 - Date and Time
Service provider



Marketing Promotions and Referral Bonuses greatly increase acquisition and retention of customers on the platform.

- Enter Promo Code
- Referral Bonus



The crux of the on demand platform is the matching algorithm that you use to allocate service providers to every customer request. Automatic matching could be on the basis of hard filters such as location, service required and the availability.

- Allocation
Service provider



Messages, Emails and Push notifications at all points in the customer and the service provider journey ensures transparency for all the stakeholders. Interaction between the customer and Service provider is facilitated via Call/SMS.

- Push Notifications



Tracking the Service Provider after getting the On the Way notification associates reliability with our platform in end user’s mind. Getting real time ETA builds on the same.

- Getting real time ETA builds on the same.

Service provider



Integrations with local Payment Gateways allow for seamless payments using Credit Cards and Debit Cards. Scanning Credit Cards enables automatically capturing Card Details.

- Credit Card Details
- Add a Credit Card
- Scan a Credit Card



Customer Rating and Review serves as an external curation that helps in guiding allocation, sourcing trust, and signals quality of supply.

- Rating and Feeback

Service provider

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