On-demand business idea #6: plumbing services

In this technological era, on-demand businesses are increasing at a rapid speed. With an increase of a number of smartphone users, the on-demand business is also gaining huge popularity. By 2020 the number of smartphones is expected to reach 2.87 billion. If smartphone users reach to that specified figure, then no doubt on-demand services will also increase with a real-time supply.

The best example of on-demand is Uber gaining huge popularity in the last few years. You can easily book a cab from near locations to a distant location by a few taps on your smartphone.

Don’t you think on-demand services are making our life easier and stress-free?

On-demand business is a perfect way to make new customers that are looking for advanced services. Customers can get easy and instant access to products and services that they find interesting.

Another example of successful on-demand business is food delivery service. On-demand food delivery services like Zomato, Swiggy, Food Panda and Grub Hub are popular food delivery businesses. You can order food from your favourite restaurant or hotels anytime, anywhere in just a few taps on your smartphone.

Why is demand for on-demand services increasing in every sector?

Whether it’s laundry, plumbing, cab or food delivery services, they all are in high demand. Customers need change, that’s why these services are gaining good popularity. People like the touch of technology in their daily routine services.

People need a change, on-demand services are popular because they are making life simple, and stress-free. They are not only providing business opportunities but also sharing economy.

Which are the most popular on-demand services across the globe?

Nowadays, a large number of on-demand businesses are available. Among so many services, there are few services listed below that are gaining huge popularity:

  1. Taxi booking service
  2. Food delivery service
  3. Courier service
  4. Chat bot solution
  5. Skilled trades
  6. Children services and more.

All these services are popular, but one more on-demand service might be very successful too. That is plumbing service – you can start on demand plumbing services business to make your business successful as soon as possible.

What’s the need of on-demand plumbing services?

Plumbing business does not need years of experience. If you are good at installing, replacing and fixing of pipes in your home to keep the proper water supplies in pipes – you can start your on-demand plumbing business. The demand of plumbers are really high. However, if you want to handle major projects as a plumber, you need a proper training or education or trade school to learn more about plumbing.

What do you need to start an on-demand plumbing business?

Apart from plumbing training, you also need a license or a permition before starting an on-demand plumbing business in your area. Rules and laws are different for different locations. First, you need to understand the kind of license you need for plumbing business in the area where you need to operate your plumbing service business.

Know your market before your start

We all know that nowadays market is very competitive. You need to understand your market, business and competitors very deeply to survive in this on-demand business. Market research plays an important role in almost all businesses, whether it’s on-demand cab, laundry or plumbing services. Market research is a key to success.

Register your business name

Choose a name of your new plumbing business, register it. Registration of a new business is important and plays a huge role. Don’t take it lightly, if you started a business with a name without registering it. Someone else can register that business name, you’ll lose everything that you have done for your business to make it successful.

Challenges you will face when starting a plumbing business

Challenges are common in this competitive sector, you need to be more confident to face such challenges and make your strength. If you have “Will” to do the task, nobody can stop you from achieving the goal. So, face all situations and challenges with more confidence. There are some of the major challenges you will face in a plumbing business:

  1. Change of government regulations related to on-demand business
  2. Strong competition in the market
  3. Economic downturn
  4. New businesses that are offering the same services at the lowest cost
  5. Travelling expenses

Nothing new, isn’t it? All businesses need to face the challenges. Don’t lose confidence, believe in your business idea and skills. In the end, you will get the best results from your hard work and patience.

So, when you’re starting your on-demand plumbing business? Plumbing services are the most demanding and chances of getting success are very high. Finalize the business name, register it, do the market research and start giving plumbing services to your customers.

If are new to this on-demand business model – get more information by reading our article about the basics of sharing economy.

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