Top 10 Marketing Tips for Startups to Improve Your Business

If you are about to start or already have started a business selling a service or a product, it is important that your marketing game is strong. If you search the internet for a simple query ‘Marketing Tips for Startups’, you will be flooded with millions of search results. But in this article, we have complied for you, out of all the marketing tips, the top marketing tips for startups to follow while formulating their marketing plan.

1. Know Your Customer

Before formulating your marketing plan, the most important factor is to study your potential customer. Collect their demographics as to their age, gender, location, preferences, etc. Once these data are collected, use graphical representations such as pie charts and bar charts to understand your customer. By doing so, you know who your customer is and formulate a marketing plan to target their preferences.

2. Get a Team to Brainstorm Ideas

More ideas, the better. Another great marketing tip for startups when formulating their marketing plan is to assemble a team. Might not be a big team, but even a few creative heads working towards a common goal. Because no two people think alike, and we have different ideas and different ways of executing them.

Top 10 Marketing Tips for Startups to Improve Your Business

3. Strengthen Your Social Media Game

Social Media has become so important in the present age to a limit you cannot survive a business without having social media presence. Once you have identified your customer, research as to in which social media sites they are most active in. Identify such sites and start maintaining your presence in those sites. Its not only enough to start a social media page and abandon it. Make sure you continuously maintain these pages and update your customers of the latest news of your services or products. This is one of the biggest marketing tips for startups to follow in any type of business they are in. Social Media has become important to an unimaginable extent for marketing.

4. Engage with Your Customer

Always find a way to engage with your customer. This could be done best using social media. Also, customer hotlines and customer email systems. Create a platform for the customers to contact your business, to know more about your products and importantly for complaints and suggestions to improve your services. Because these can be used in fine tuning your business and your marketing plan to better serve the customer and attract more customers too.

5. Network

In the present era, there are number of clubs and societies established almost any country and major cities to network with your competitors as well your potential customers. It is important that you enroll in such a society with opportunities to meet new customers. Always look for opportunities to participate in exhibitions as you can then meet the type of customers who are looking to purchase your product or service.

6. Market Your Product/ Service Before it is Ready

Starting the marketing campaign before the official launch is a clever practice followed by a number of startups. This is a very beneficial marketing tips for startups as it will create a curiosity among the customer. When the business is finally launched, the customer knows finally what the reveal was they were waiting for.

7. Market in Different Platforms

Using only one platform for marketing is not the best way to make awareness of your startup. Always find different but effective platforms to market your startup, may it be online or offline ways. Again, the types of platforms you use to market your startup depends on the type of customers you are offering your services to.

8. Enable Reviews for Your Products/ Services

If you are confident that you are offering your customers a brilliant product or service, make sure others see it too. Research shows that when the potential customers see the reviews of other customers, it highly affects the decision to make a purchase or not for the potential customer. Therefore, always make way for public reviews, either in your website or in social media.

9. Follow-up After a Sale

It is always easy to retain customers than to acquire new customers. Marketing is not only attracting new sales but also to retain the existing customers. Make sure the product or the service you offered are of the expected standard of the customer. If not, make amends to provide them with a better service and improve the future.

10. Do Something Your Competitors are Not Doing

Always differentiate your marketing campaign to that of your competitor. Do something more than your customer is doing. Make sure your customers are more satisfied than your competitor’s customers. Make sure your marketing plan is so strong that you are able to grab the sales of your competitor’s customers as well.

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