Pricing strategies for on-demand business

On-demand business and pricing strategy both things are difficult as well as crucial. Pricing strategy is one of the few ways through which you can make money from a business app. There are so many ways of doing this like sharing economy and the best one is taking your business online.

Pricing any mobile app is a crucial as well as difficult element that you have to face in developing a mobile app. It is important that you consider the right pricing strategy and then follow it. Especially if you want your business app to be noticeable on play store.

There are number of factors that should be taken into consideration for this purpose when selecting right price strategy for a mobile app.

How are price and design helpful in pricing strategies?

Elasticity is very important no matter whatever pricing strategy you are selecting. There are different types of pricing strategies that you can go with. One of the best ways to price your product is testing it on variety of prices and then see how many potential clients give respond to it.

An application is somewhat which is not only worth investing in. It also offers many other benefits. The best thing of investing in a mobile app for your on-demand business is that it streams recurring revenue.

Hence there is no need to worry about anything or to see what is per price of revenue. Testing products on variety of price is very interesting and most importantly it will immediately show the respond of the clients.

If you want to increase traffic on your on-demand business then before deciding the price of product, there are many factors which should be taken into consideration. This will enhance the value of the mobile app.

You might have some good ideas in your mind but if developers do not use it then it will get wasted. The mobile app design should be out of the box with stunning functionality and features.

You must figure out cost of business. If your app depends on subscribers then you must consider releasing something new each time once in every 4 months. By this way, you can effectively put some price on updates and accordingly manage subscription cost.

Luxury pricing or project-based strategy – which is more helpful?

One of the best and classic strategies which you can invest in is luxury pricing. This strategy is very helpful and many brands like Rolex, Louis Vuitton and Mercedes-Benz use it. So, if you also want to increase brand image of your business in online marketplace then this strategy is really helpful.

The image of your business and the app will aspire more than anything else. By buying a luxurious service you will get into a club that the whole world wants to see and visit. While on other hand, project-based pricing is much different as it is simply flat arrangement agreed at outset of project.

In this strategy the entrepreneur can estimate the time of completing the project and then pay price accordingly to the app developer. In fact, other strategies related to internet business can be combined with some upcoming price to change things in the future.

How can customized strategies and solutions help your business app?

There are many companies out there in the market that can help in fulfilling all your on-demand business needs and even make sure that you achieve your goals. For this they have some tools and effective strategies that will be fruitful for your business.

In fact, they have a team of experienced experts that will take your on-demand business to new heights. They will collaborate with your ideas and make sure that their solution brings both profit and success for your business.

A customized app is easy to use as it is designed as per your needs and choice. You can even ask them to add a dashboard as it will make things pretty easy and more helpful.


For any on-demand business, pricing plays a vital role and that’s why it becomes important to keep this in mind. There are so many routes of deciding price for your business app, above explained are few that can be preferred.

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