On-demand Software – Advantages and Disadvantages of SaaS

On-demand software has been quite a game changer in the service sector and has made the job very easy for the people. The best part with using Software as a service (SaaS) is the ease of access that you have. We have already discussed about the impact that on-demand business softwareis making in the on-demand service sector in our previous article. So, now the questions that will be coming to you is the pros and cons of the on-demand software. You already know the kind of benefits it can get to render to your business but you do not know each one of them.

What is the advantage of using the SaaS?

There is not just one but many advantages of using the on-demand software for your on-demand services.  If there is no any advantage, you won’t pursue the on-demand softwareover the normal ones and they wouldn’t have swept aside the market like they have. We have already discussed that it helps in saving the money and is cost effective when compared to the normal software. But do you actually know the amount of money it will actually get to save you. As per the survey conducted by a leading company, it has helped in optimizing the cost to 20% of the original amount.

Easy to use

So, you can get to think the amount of ease that it provides you when compared to the traditional software. But even though it gets to save a lot of money, the primary advantage of the software is not cost effectiveness rather it lies in the ease with which you can get to use it. By using software as a service, you can use it on different devices by logging on to your ID rather than having to download.

Option to test and check the functionality

At the same time, it also offers you with an option to test the software on your parameters. The users are given the freedom to test and check the functionality of any new feature before it is actually released in the market. It helps you to know whether it is right for you or not, whether you shall opt for the same or not. Additionally, the migration from one version to another is seamless when you talk about cloud based or on-demand software.  You can easily migrate from one version and download the upgrades with ease. 

Easy to plan

Another thing with the software is that it can be rationalized with ease and channelized in a way that you want. Being common software for many, there are also various problems that are faced across by different users and most of the companies integrate the solutions to the common problem in the software tutorial itself to make things further simpler for you.

What are the disadvantages of using SaaS?

Anything which looks good from the outset might not be the same when you have an in depth look. Everything has its own flaws and so do the on-demand software, there is a very big problem when you are using cloud based service which is privacy. When you are using software which is not an in-house application, there are problems when you talk about the control.

Cloud based applications

Cloud based applications don’t get to offer you with same level of control as an in-house application which is one of the drawbacks. There is a third party who is having all the controls of the app and thus you are not able to have it exactly like you want. You keep going for the upgrades and updates and thus there are changes that are bound to occur. So, the customization and features will change without your control which is a major drawback of this software.

Access management

Access management is another issue when you talk about the cloud based services which is a reason why there are some of the players don’t prefer it. There are security concerns and your data may be breached and used by your rivals. There are advanced versions of the software as service platforms now available that offer greater control but there are still some concerns with on-demand software.


Another problem when you opt for the software as a service is that there are many applications which may not be able to run on them. With every passing day, the applications are becoming cloud friendly but there are still some that will not run on it. So, when you need to use those applications, you have to go for an in house application and cloud will not be able to help you out there.

Internet has become the lifeline for any business these days but what if there are connectivity failures. You whole work comes to a standstill which is a big drawback of the cloud based software. With the licensed and in house software, you can still work on your business without having the internet connectivity but not when you are having ondemand software.

In conclusions…

Like every other thing, software on-demand also has its pros and cons but it is the technology for future and everything is made compatible to the cloud platform. If you are really looking for an updated business strategy, now is the right time to switch to the cloud. With the kind of changes being made, everything is going to be on cloud only and thus if you don’t switch now, you will lag behind.

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