On-demand business idea #3: laundry services

An on-demand pick up laundry service is a great business to start. And if you are going to start one yourself, you should know that there are many business models of other successful on-demand pick up laundry services that you can follow. There is always a market for on-demand laundry services because people will always need their clothes washed. So you can be assured that there is thriving demand for these kinds of on-demand services. And if you model your on-demand laundry services just right, you can be assured of success for your business.

How does it work?

An on-demand laundry service works just like other on-demand services and apps. Customers and users of the service may send requests to laundry cleaners around their area, and then the laundry cleaners respond to that request by picking up their laundry. In a way, this kind of on-demand service works in favor of both people who need their laundry cleaned and those who provide the laundry cleaning services. This type of on-demand laundry cleaning allows these two groups of people to be able to connect, thus allowing a more streamlined laundry pick up and cleaning experience.

A successful business

And when you are going to try to venture into this type of business, there are many types of models of business that you can follow. By following these successful on-demand laundry cleaning services, you can also ensure that your venture also ends up being successful. Many of these on-demand cleaning services have developed popular laundry cleaning services due to a good reputation, excellent user support, and other kinds of user-focused content. You should also take into account these other business models of laundry cleaning services if you also want to create a better laundry cleaning service that is on-demand.

What are some laundry cleaning models to follow


Washio is an on-demand laundry cleaning service that has received tens of millions of dollars in funding. And for a good reason too. This on-demand laundry service has been around for several years, and as a service, it continues to grow. It offers a very convenient experience for its users because it allows them to have their laundry picked up without any kind of hassle. It also makes payments and other kinds of transactions easier because it handles all of that inside of the app itself.


Edaixi previously not an on-demand laundry service, Edaixi has recently changed their own business model to that of an on-demand one. And since making that decision, the company has received investments of up to $120 million. You will find that the on-demand business model, especially in this day and age is extremely popular. It attracts a lot of users, and consequently, it also attracts a lot of funding too. Judging on Edaixi’s own switch to an on-demand business model, it is safe to say that this type of business model is very much a viable one to adopt.


Clearly is a recent addition to the on-demand laundry cleaning service. However, despite being new, it has still attracted millions of dollars in funding. This is in part due to the popularity of its app. Wherein users are able to select a type of laundry cleaning service that they need, such as dry cleaning, and then book it. Users may also have their laundry picked up straight from their homes. So as you can see, as with many aspects of an on-demand laundry cleaning service, there are many advantages of focusing on providing a convenient experience for the users of the on-demand service.

Factors that affect the on-demand  laundry services

Based on these different types of models for an on-demand laundry cleaning service, you may be wondering, what are the most common aspects of these types of on-demand services. There are actually quite a lot of familiar factors that you will see in many of these business models for an on-demand laundry cleaning service, here are a few of those factors.


The main factor that really drives more users to adopt your laundry cleaning service is how convenient it is to use. The more convenient an app or service is to use, then more people are likely to adopt it.


Scheduling, pick up and even the laundry cleaning itself, should be a fast service. It is better if the whole process is a fast one, because if it is, then you may get more repeat customers to your on-demand laundry services.

Ease of use

This is another factor for when you are designing a business model for an on-demand laundry cleaning service. You should try to make the experience as easy to use for your users as you can, this includes both booking a laundry cleaning service and paying for the transaction too.

What are the two types of on-demand laundry services?

There are some business models for on-demand laundry services that are quite widespread. These two business models for such an on-demand service, are the most common ones.

On-site pick-up

This type of on-demand service is a great one to adopt for those who have got a team of laundry cleaning specialists. With this type of business model, you will find that it is much easier to handle all of your customers because everything will be funneled through the app. You will also not need to own an office because you can just schedule pick ups for any laundry, whenever and whenever it is needed.


You can use this type of business model for on-demand laundry service if you already have a physical laundry cleaning office. This business model could be especially appropriate for small businesses because they can benefit a lot from this type of business model. One benefit is that it is easier to interact with your customers. This is because customers are able to schedule a laundry cleaning through an app. They may even be notified when the laundry cleaning is finished through the app too. This is generally an on-demand business model that suits those who already have a small business, but if you are going to start a Laundromat, you could look into adopting this one too.

Laundry service is another great option if you want to start your on-demand business. You can choose from two business models and you must consider all the factors that affect this business area in order to be successful.

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