On-Demand business idea #15: Flower Delivery

The On-Demand business model is thriving very well in a number of business fields and On-Demand flower delivery is one such field that has made use of this platform with the combination of the technology to innovate the flower delivery business. We do not hear a lot of major flower businesses in this niche getting famous worldwide. Therefore, this field of business would be a great investment to make if the service is provided right. There are however a few companies in the US trying to thrive in the On-Demand flower delivery business which are, BloomNation, UrbanStems, Bloompop and The Bouqs.

Benefits of On-Demand flower delivery

Traditional flower delivery business has a number of challenges where the business owners are facing. Ofcourse, business owne are trying to eradicate to maximize their earnings. Such issues are the lead time to deliver fresh flowers to the customer’s place, wastage of flowers in the store, also few ways to reach the customer for awareness, etc. Most of these issues can be resolved with the On-Demand flower delivery business model. With the digital platform the customers can easily select the flowers and the arrangement of their choice and get it delivered to their doorstep. The lead time from the store to the customer is greatly reduced. It in turn will result in flowers to stay for a longer period of time at the customer place.

The vendors’ wastage is also reduced as the flowers are picked and arranged as per the orders placed by the customer or the demand. Now the vendors are also able to, by using data, analyze patterns in sales and be prepared for the demand in the future. Also, the customers have to be able to reduce the lead times in their supply chains by partnering with an On-Demand delivery service provider. By using an On-Demand delivery service provider, the vendors are able to reduce the lead times both ways from the supplier to the vendor and from the vendor to the customer.

Quality of the product

When implementing an On-Demand flower delivery business, it is important to consider the factors which will affect the success of the business. Mainly the quality of the product. It is very important that the quality of the flowers is top notch. Also, it have to matches the description displayed on the online platform where the customers are able to place orders at. Maintaining the quality of the product in an On-Demand flower delivery business is a key factor for the success of the business. When the customer is satisfied indirect benefits also may be received as the positive word of mouth into potential clients. This will ensure that your service is marketed free of charge via the word of mouth.


Another important factor is communication. The vendor has to definitely maintain good communication with the current customers as well as future customers.  Communication is important in many stages in this On-Demand flower delivery model. Starting from customer acquisition till after services. During the customer acquisition stage, the vendor has to send in promotional and marketing material effective enough for the potential customer to make a sale. Then during the sale, any issues or requests must be accommodated, and effective two-way communication has to be maintained until the sale is finalized. Finally, if required any issues, requests and recommendations must be heard and given a response to at the same time to keep the customer satisfied, so that they will come back for more sales.


An effective deliveryis the next important in this On-Demand  flower delivery model. It may be wise to source an On-Demand delivery partner(s) for international or domestic shipping. When a reputed and an effective On-Demand delivery client is recruited as a service provider for the business, then the vendor has more capacity to focus on the quality of the product and efficiency.


Finally, innovationis important, especially in the On-Demand  arena for a business to succeed. Therefore the vendor has to come up with innovative and carefully curated flower arrangements and special features to flowers which can be achieved by research and development. For example, there is a company called Venus et Fleur in America which sells especially flowers in interesting colors which can be stored away from direct sunlight for a period of us to one year. Hence, make sure that your R&D is strong and continuously unveil interesting products to attract the customer.

In fact you starting your On-Demand business you have to understand how to do it profitable. In that case the best strategy that would help you to reach this is ensure all mentioned component quality.

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