Future of On-Demand Business Model

What can we expect in the future of On-Demand business? This question is important for those who are doing this business or planning to start. On-Demand Business Model has been widely spreading throughout the globe where many people are registering for such services every day. Also, millions of people around the globe are now experiencing services or products from the On-Demand Business Model which have made the day to day life easier and more efficient.

Popularity of On-Demand Business model

The main reason for the popularity of this model is the accessibility. Customers can now request for a product or service they want in a matter of seconds on the tip of their fingertips. The widespread use of the mobile phone and internet is the reason for the On-Demand Business Model to be this successful. Mobile phones and internet support to access the platform or the marketplace where the customers get to meet the supplier. Therefore, customers can now browse through a number of suppliers and select the ideal supplier to fulfill their requirements. In the past, this would have been done for hours and hours using yellow pages. This accessibility, the promptness of getting the work done are a few of the reasons why the On-Demand Business Model are getting popular worldwide.

Market of On-Demand Business

However, at present it is not very easy implementing an On-Demand Business idea as present companies have already penetrated many markets. Even though the premise is such, many new and upcoming companies too are getting successful using On Demand Business Model due to the innovativeness of their business idea. If you are thinking of starting a company around On Demand Business Model for an appropriate niche, it is important that you consider the future of On-Demand Business model. How businesses will formulate themselves now to face the challenges of the future determines whether the business will be successful or not. W

In the future of On-Demand Business Model, there are three main factors that will go through massive innovations by every startup. Those are responsiveness, personalization and adaptability.


Responsiveness means how quickly and accurately the customer requests are requirements are fulfilled. The speed of the service is very important to retain customers in your business. If the responses to their requests and requirements are delayed or are provided after the requirement is no more, then they will no return to your business and will find alternative methods to fulfill the requirement.


Next is personalization. When customers place a request and if he sees thousands of options, the customer might not make the transaction. It is because as he is negatively overwhelmed by all the responses. Therefore, it is important that the customer can personalize their search criteria. Also the business has to provide appropriate choices first depending on the customer patterns identified. When you present the customer with appropriate choices first, then the lead time of making the request after the request is made is going to reduce which in turn will increase the efficiency. Therefore, new startups have to consider and think of innovative methods to personalize the service or the product offering. It will help to get one step close to the customer.


Adaptability is the final factor which is important in planning for the future of On-Demand Business Model. The business must be able to adapt itself to whatever the market is throwing at itself and adapt to the changes to serve the customers better. The adaptability factors could be new government rules, a new trend in the market you are in, a disaster or an uprising of a brand, etc. These adaptability factors could pose an opportunity or a danger to the business. Despite the outcome, you have to be able to turnaround the event and make it an opportunity and move forward.

On Demand Business Model is evolving daily and the service offerings today could be totally different in a few years. In the present market, Uber and Airbnb are the leading companies using On-Demand Business Model concepts. In a future of On-Demand business there would be different players securing the top spots. Therefore, always consider the above-discussed factors and design your business model to be stronger against any future competition.

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