Best On-Demand Flower Delivery Apps

On-Demand business model is now creeping into every possible type of business around the world. The reason for its wide popularity is that customers can access the services easily as closer as their fingertips. The customers can select from a wide range of choices suiting to their requirements. Also, the goods or services can be delivered to their doorstep without having to go out and buy the goods. In such a situation, it is no surprise that on-demand flower delivery apps are taking so much advantage of this very beneficial model.

Why are On-Demand Flower Delivery Apps So Popular?

On-demand business model has its obvious benefits where almost its business partners are taking advantage of. In the context of flower delivery, the on-demand model solves a number of problems which could not be solved in the traditional model.

Traditional model vs. on-demand flower delivery app

In the traditional model, the customer has to go from store to store and select the flowers. But using on-demand flower delivery applications, the customer is able to browse through a number of vendors and select a desired design from the comfort of its home.

Moreover, in the traditional model, the customer has limited choices available of the vendors it visits. But using on-demand flower delivery apps, the customer is able to choose from thousands of flower designs that will suit its requirements.

Also, one of the biggest advantages of on-demand flower delivery apps is on a special occasion. Even if the customer is busy, by spending a few minutes it is able to deliver a nice arrangement of flowers to a desired location, without making a lot of effort.

Due to the above reasons and a lot more, on-demand flower delivery apps are now taking over the traditional flower delivery model like a storm. With the development of technology and every customer are looking for convenient ways to fulfill their requirements. In this case they are now turning their focus into easier methods of shopping such as on-demand flower delivery apps.

What are the Current On-Demand Flower Delivery Apps?

Around the world there are a number of vendors providing On-Demand Flower Delivery services.

1-800 Flowers

1-800 Flowers is such a service which has been named the best on-demand flower delivery app by the Good House Keeping Institute. This app operate in the United States. It was one of the first retailers to use a 24/7 toll-free telephone number, then the Internet. Then started conversational commerce via chat/ chatbots for direct sales to consumer. The integration of technology and not failing to get into the on-demand model are the reasons why this service is popular and making profits.


Another interesting vendor that provides on-demand flower delivery services is Amazon. This is a perk enjoyed by the Amazon Prime users. They are able to, using the Amazon app, send fresh flowers from multiple vendors to multiple locations with free shipping. Furthermore Amazon is a tech giant that has conquered almost all the markets using the on-demand model. Also this is another such successful model by Amazon for its customers.

Also there are a number of other vendors providing this services around the world and are getting widely popular. Florists’ Transworld Delivery (FTD), Lula’s Garden, Pro Flowers are a few companies who are making their mark in the on-demand flower delivery market.

If you are a traditional flower delivery vendor, it is advisable before late to get into the on-demand flower delivery market. The traditional models are now collapsing worldwide as new technology enters. So, the longer you wait thinking there’s no competition, the more competitors are able to gain advantage of the situation and become a threat. By looking at developed countries, it is a fact that on-demand flower delivery apps are now taking over the tradition flower delivery businesses.

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