A key to success: Uber case

Uber car sharing company valued at $62 billion without buying their own car. The business model of Uber is based on car sharing platform. In just a few years, Uber gained a huge popularity worldwide. Uber is successful because it’s solving problems of users. Nowadays, the biggest problems people face to afford a car are monthly maintenance, fuel expenses, busy life and other reasons. Uber app is providing a rideshare platform and you can easily go anywhere anytime without owning a car.

Any business that solves problems of people in an affordable way have high chances of getting success.

About Uber

Uber Technologies is a peer-to-peer ridesharing company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It was founded in (2009-2010). Now Uber app has millions of downloads across the globe. Its users can easily book cabs or shared taxis with the help of a website and mobile apps.

In 2008, two guys stuck for a lift in Paris. As there were no taxis, no public transport after facing this issue, an idea came to their mind of creating a platform like Car Sharing. Uber was created to solve the problems of transportation.

What’s the reason behind the Uber app success?

The most important reason for the Uber success – it provides a great solution to a real problem that millions of people are facing on a daily basis. Tradition cab driver will say no to accept payment through a card or online wallets, but Uber is accepting payments from multiple payment procedures. Besides, you can hire a cab anytime, anywhere at affordable prices. You’re getting now great customer services, clean and good condition cabs and affordable ride.

Uber is a real problem solver for customers who need the taxi on a daily basis. It is a great problem solver for those who need the taxi on daily basis for pick up and drops to their office. There are millions of people in major cities who use these services every day and Uber app is a real problem solver for them.

Uber is a great platform for both its customers and drivers

  1. Uber is solving practical daily routine problems – you can easily find a cab with a few taps on your smartphone.
  2. Solving problems of poor customer services that most of the people face in old taxis.
  3. Paying drivers good money as well as offering attractive discounts to customers.
  4. 24×7 transportation availability.
  5. You don’t need to hunt taxis on the road.
  6. Multiple payment procedures available.
  7. Star rating allows you to rate the Uber cab driver and customer service.

Adopt technology at the core

Like many other startups, Uber adopts technology at the core. In fact, technology plays a crucial role in getting Uber successful. Uber app has developed to help connect riders and local drivers. The services were initially started in San Francisco and then expanded to small cities and major cities around the globe.

Solving real-world problems

Every business needs to solve the problems of the customers. If you get successful in this no doubt you will be the “Winner’ of the game. Don’t work on the same businesses, companies that work on unique ideas grow more quickly.

What are the benefits for customers?

Uber comes as a revolution in the taxi industry, it completely changes the concept of the car rental business. From affordable cars to luxury cars, you can hire via mobile app and it will pick you from your door. Customers will enjoy clean, comfortable and affordable rides. No matter where you’re going – office or shopping mall, Uber cab is just a few taps away. Book anywhere, anytime using your Uber app. Day by day Uber is making it mobile app better, so it can track the 100% correct location of its customers and same applies to drivers. Ride rating option is a  major benefit for customers, now they can share their riding experience with the help of rating.

What are the benefits for the drivers?

Not only customers are taking benefits of Uber services, drivers are also taking them. The company is offering a great platform for a driver to earn a good amount of money. Now they are getting customers without much effort using the Uber app. Also, Uber introduced a great job opportunity where more and more people can connect with them.

It is only the start of on-demand businesses like Uber. In future we will see huge growth in on-demand business. Any sharing economy business can easily get success if it is solving a problem of individuals and its concept is unique.

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